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Patrick Taillard

Fly and lures fishing-guide for trout, grayling, and predators.
You want to learn or perfect these fishing techniques, live intensely privileged moments , or just share moments of relaxation in sumptuous frames of Correze , Cantal, Lot or Cevennes : therefore, whatever your age and level let us help you ...…

Why these fishing destinations ?

Depending on the seasons, I live my passion in Corrèze, Lot, Cantal,  or the Cevennes which are great playgrounds for fishing techniques that I practice and trainings that I lead. Each area is great for fishing, in unique environmental and cultural places. They are highly complementary for fishing all the year.

The Correze, Lot and Cantal, land of a thousand sources, have got an extraordinary amount of lakes and rivers with many trout, grayling, pike, zander and perch in sumptuous and quite scenics. However, a hard weather and the intense operation of hydroelectric facilities provide difficult fishing conditions in winter.

The Cevennes, land of traditions, enjoys a very gentle microclimate allowing to fish trout at the end of the winter. Fly-fishing is then possible, especially with dry fly technique, which is a rare privilege in our country. Fish are wild and highly educated and therefore, although excellent density, fishing is a source of the most exciting challenges. 

I also organize and support trips out of France, in partnership with the Compagnie Coudoux. The destinations that I can offer are: Slovenia, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain, Norway, Swedish Lapland as well as Canada.


Discover these territories, you will certainly enjoy them and, may be even more, get attached to them.

Basque Country


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I’ve recommended some accommodations choices for your trip. These have been selected, not only for their excellent value and the welcome you can expect from your hosts, but also their proximity to the waters where we will be fishing. If you have specific accommodation requirements, then just get in touch and I will help you find just what you are looking for.



Black Bass, Catfish, Grayling, Perch, Pike, Sea Bass, Trout, Zander: these are the jewels found in these waters, and that you will try to catch…and release.

Pêche en Corrèze, Camargue et Pays Basque
Where and when?

Correze : from April to November.

Camargue, Cevennes : from January to June, from September to December.

Pays Basque : March, April, September.


These estimates may change according to the demands and fishing conditions. So, do not hesitate to contact me whatever the date and the region of your choice!


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