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Patrick Taillard

Fly and lures fishing-guide for trout, grayling, and predators.
You want to learn or perfect these fishing techniques, live intensely privileged moments , or just share moments of relaxation in sumptuous frames of Correze , Cantal, Lot or Cevennes : therefore, whatever your age and level let us help you ...…

Fishing spots in the Correze

The Correze, the land of a thousand sources, is a haven of peace and tranquility in a so diverse and beautiful nature.

The Correze area offers the full range of landscapes of the region.

The Correze is in central southern France in the Limousin region on the western side of the Massif Central. This beautiful countryside with deep ravines scored over the millennia by its more than 5000km of rivers, is dotted with lakes and dense forests. It remains an undiscovered area of France rich in tradition and natural beauty, a paradise for the fisherman.:


The Dordogne River

By the quality and quantity of its fish population and the beauty of its setting, the Dordogne is one of the most beautiful rivers in France and Europe. With the density and diversity of aquatic insect outbreaks that we encounter, the Dordogne is above all a paradise for fly fishing. Witness to the magic of these outbreaks fabulous you will ever love with this gem that is the Dordogne. Its trout and grayling, wild and powerful, are often very selective, and their defense, once lured, is unique and full of emotion. Only big problem that could be paradise, the flow of the Dordogne, dependent on hydroelectric dams located in its upper course, is highly variable and may enter in one season, a few dozen to several hundred m3! This fact needs a great adaptation to choose well places and fishing techniques but also a lot of caution and humility to the fisherman who meets this wonderful and legendary river. There are many trout and grayling of big size as well as pike and perch and some white fish. It is also classified salmon River.


The Correze River

The Correze is a very beautiful river with varied profiles made of alternating torrential and quiet places throughout its course. Its upper part, often quite technical, has great challenges for fisherman in search of calm and authenticity. The practice of fly fishing is clear from Sarran to Tulle. By the presence of a dam near the beautiful village of Correze, the river is in low flow for several kilometers from this village to the hydroelectric plant in the village of Bar. The River Correze is populated by a good population of small but nervous trout upstream, with nice fish and some graylings on its downstream part.


The Doustre River

This tributary of the Dordogne is an excellent, small river flowing in a beautiful setting alternating woodland, grassland and sometimes spectacular gorges.Spots are often quite technical and sometimes difficult to access but the reward is at the end of the effort in these wild and preserved places.The Trout, even if she is not very big, is very combative and so beautiful.Part of his course was partly flooded by a dam (Lake La Valette at Marcillac-La-Croisille).


The Luzege River

The Luzege is a right bank tributary of the Dordogne. Its upper part is a small moderate river of plateau and access is fairly easy. It is rather torrential from Darnets to the dam of Saint Pantaleon de Lapleau and then flows to its confluence with the Dordogne at Laval-sur-Luzège. The river is nice for fly-fishing in its downstream but access is often difficult with the presence of impressive gorges. Everywhere landscapes are extraordinary. Its tributary, the Soudeillette, is also worthwhile: the route of the ruins of Castle Ventadour is very nice. There is a good population of wild and often capricious trout with white fish downstream.


The Maronne River

The Maronne is a tributary of the Dordogne (confluence left bank upstream of Bridge of Monceaux). The Tours de Merle place is very nice for fly-fishing and can often attend beautiful hatches of May flies in spring.Its downstream, larger, is also very suitable for this technique, but needs to be careful about the release of water from the dam of Hautefage.The Maronne is well populated with trout sometimes very good size mixed with very beautiful graylings and some white fish on its downstream part (Hautefage Dam to its confluence with the Dordogne).


The Chastang lake

Lake Chastang is formed by a dam on the Dordogne River. Covering an area of over 700 ha and 31 kms long, it is one of the nicest place of the great Dordogne gorges. The location of this lake makes its access very difficult, and most of its banks are steep. So, the fishing boat is recommended to enjoy the majesty of the site and see innumerable fishing spots. Some places for boats launching exist near the villages Spontour, Pont du Chambon, Nougein and St Martin La Méanne depending of the water level. The Chastang is well populated by pike, walleye and perch with some very big fish.


The La Valette lake

The magnificent Lake of la Vallette is formed by a dam on the river Doustre.Covering an area of 200 Ha and 8 kms long, most of its banks have easy access and encourage fishing from the edge.Fishing with boat is also possible with several boats launching.The lake la Valette is well populated by pike, walleye and perch with some big fish.


The Etang Neuf lake

The Etang Neuf is a very nice private lake located in a beautiful environment. It is better fishing by boat, the banks are mainly woodlands. Fly fishing the blackbass on this pond is wonderful! The Etang Neuf is a private pond and only catch and release fly-fishing is allowed. There is a lot of black-bass with some big ones.

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The Google map below will allow you making your route.



I’ve recommended some accommodations choices for your trip. These have been selected, not only for their excellent value and the welcome you can expect from your hosts, but also their proximity to the waters where we will be fishing. If you have specific accommodation requirements, then just get in touch and I will help you find just what you are looking for.



Black Bass, Catfish, Grayling, Perch, Pike, Sea Bass, Trout, Zander: these are the jewels found in these waters, and that you will try to catch…and release.

Pêche en Corrèze, Camargue et Pays Basque
Where and when?

Correze, Lot, Cantal : from January to December.

Cevennes : March, April.

June, July, September, October : trips out of France.


These estimates may change according to the demands and fishing conditions. So, do not hesitate to contact me whatever the date and the region of your choice!


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